Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pat Pat


January 29 is my sister, Patricia Ann Ralph Butler's Birthday.  She is sixty-five.  I cannot remember life without Pat.
Pat was an over achiever.  When she came home from school she would study till she went to sleep.
To this day she is a very hard worker.  Muller Brass got a greater worker when they hired her.
Pat loved, loved, loved sports.  When she finished high school she wanted to be a nurse....but it did not work out.  I sometime wonder how different her life would have been if she had got in Nursing School.  We will never know because her life went a different direction.  FACTORY .Another thing I remember about Pat was how much she love animals.  Oh My gosh!!!  Lassie was her dog and when Lassie got killed Pat was sad for months and months.  Pat and I were very different but the one thing we shared was our love for each other.  Pat helped out with Chad.....sometime Chad though  his name was Butler....that is because they Loved him so much and he felt their love.  Pat has always helped me with my children.  She was Laura's ball coach.  Pat and I went to visit  Jason at College.  When he graduated from college his friends knew AUNT PAT.  She was a big part of Laura's wedding, attending everything for her.  Pat flew the Scotland to see Jason and Michele get  married.  Now we are in the next stage---grandchildren.  They changed her name to PAT PAT.  She has supported everything they do.  It is real love.   Words and not say how very much I love her. Pat is a family person and very generous.    Happy Birthday Pat,  I LOVE YOU!!!

The pictures loaded in a way I could not post below them.  I want to tell who is in each picture.
  1.   Pat and Ellen --age 4 and 3  at the old house in front of the barn.
  2. Pat --Mother---Ellen   We were at Uncle J.B. Mason's house
  3. Pat and Dolph's Wedding at Oak Grove Baptist Church
  4. Ellen and Pat at Ellen's wedding at Florence house 
  5. Laura and Pat at Soft ball -  Pat was so proud
  6. Mother's birthday Pat  Ellen  Florence and Mother
  7. Jason' s graduation from college in Dayton Beach Florida Wayne, Ellen Josh, Mother, Chad ,Jason, Pat and Laura  
  8. Jason's Wedding in Scotland  A. W. McMillin, Pat, Rob Dawson
  9. The last two pictures are Kate and Pat  

Pat married the love of her life Dolph on July 25 1969

Ellen Florence Mother Pat
on Mother's birthday
at Covington Country Club

A. W. McMillin (Jason's Granddaddy) Pat   Butler   Rob Dawson 

Kate and Pat Pat

Kate and Pat Pat

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Atlanta visit - summer 2011

Michele was taking the picture.  Jackson and Kate  stayed with
a baby sitter, This is not a complete  family picture.   
Bo's 6th Birthday was in Atlanta.
We went to TURNER FIELD.
Watched a game,  ate pizza and
birthday cake.  Had lots of fun.
Played ball in the front yard.  

Bo looks sad -but it is his birthday and I know he is happy.
Laura makes a great picture.

These two kiddos had fun.

Reagan was so excited about going to the ballgame--but we were
too far away for Reagan to enjoy the  players.  She only watched
the outfielders.

Lane and Mickey Mouse

This was important to me because it was important to Rob.  Rob went to Varsity when he was about Bo age maybe a little older.  It was a great place for the family to eat a hamburger. Lots of history was in this building.   The girls wore their red white and blue dresses with their names.  I tell other people they like to dress alike....but the truth is.....I like to see them dressed alike.     

Reagan, Kate,  Bo Laura, Lane and Rob

Jason and Bo

Reagan   Bo     Lane

Jason and Reagan

The move to Atlanta

Kate driving Boo's truck

Jason and Michele were homeless from December 1, 2010 until January 13, 2011.  It just took a long time to close on their home.  But when it was finally ready to move in we wanted to go and help.  Carl, Chad, Laura, Lane, Kate and Ellen packed up like the Clements ( Beverely Hills)  and went to Atlanta.  I had a queen size bed to put in the extra bed room...this would make sure Boo and Ellie had a nice bed to sleep on in Atlanta.  Jason had a college friend in Atlanta named Jim Pawson.  Jim had a rental house .....Jason , Michele, Reagan and Jackson had been staying at the rental house.  During the day while they were moving in I stayed at the rental house with the kiddos.  We all slept at the rental house but on the third day they had enough moved we all could slept in the new house.  I want to think they could not have moved without us but I know they could have it was just more fun for all of us to be there and a great memory.  Part of me was sad they were leaving Chicago we always had a great time in Chicago.  The first time we went to Chicago was Thanksgiving 2005.  Jason and Michele had no children and we had our own bedroom.  But in time the house was full and we had not place to sleep.  During their time in Chicago we went to see all kind of ball games, to the beach,  parks, zoo, parades and  museums.  Chicago will always be very dear to us but for now we will enjoy Atlanta.                 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Time Flies

The picture below show why I want to blog.Keep pictures and memories of my five grandchildren.  I love reading other blogs and though it would be fun.  I do want to print a book. 
Christmas 2010
Reagan, Bo, Jackson, Lane, and Kate

                                                                         Christmas 2011
                                                             Lane Jackson Bo (Laura) Kate Reagan

Kate was not going to sit with those kids without her moma 

 Lots of changes from 2010 and 2011.  Jackson Kept his pacifier with him all the time and now just at bedtime.  Kate was crawling and now she is running.  Lane and Bo were so grown up both years.  Reagan was so happy to be with her cousins and dressed like her  cousins.  I hope by 2012 we can make a picture with everybody looking and everybody smiling.